The Chosen Unveiled (Book 2 – Paperback)

The secrets continue to unravel around Wanda Troms. The Healing Méndez Wanda was asked to retrieve cannot be found. Time is running out and Wanda needs to find it so that she can save her little brother, Jason?

Can Wanda trust the rebels, or could they also be lying to her? Her father’s close friend, Xavier who was thought to be dead is suddenly alive. He is the head of the Vitrian rebels. Who can Wanda really trust? She needs the Healing Méndez, but it seems no one in the rebel camp has it, yet the lives of her brother, Jason, and her mother Sofia are at risk.

Who is after Wanda’s life? Who is determined to destroy the Vitrian prophecy, and the child spoken of in the prophecy centuries before?

The secrets and suspense continue in the sequel. Vitrian Secrets: The Chosen Unveiled will keep you captivated until the end. If you think The Healing Méndez was full of suspense, you need to find a stronger phrase to describe The Chosen unveiled. Putting the book down would be difficult until you get to the end.


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Dele Andersen
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