The Curse Awakened (Book 3 – Paperback)

Wanda, Xavier, Mia and the so called ‘rebels’ have saved Sofia and children that were in captivity, however, however, little did Wanda and Xavier know that their most significant ordeal is yet to begin.

Alexis is in possession of the Méndezes that he needs to become all-powerful and unstoppable. In addition, he yet has Celina in his possession, the only person who has the full knowledge of the gifted children and how all the children are connected to the Chosen. Will they be able to find Alexis and stop him?

Another big problem is that Eric’s location remains unknown. He’s been missing since Vatra destroyed the dog-like monsters that appear at Alexis underground hideout. Will Eric be found? Does Alexis have anything to do with his disappearance? With the various complications on ground, Wanda, Xavier, and the entire rebel camp are unaware of the emergence of a spy in their camp and a curse that the Vitrians thought was long dead has surfaced inside Wanda.

Can the Vitrian rebels escape Alexis’ attack, or will the inevitable curse that Wanda now carries destroy them all? Vitrian Secrets – The Curse Awakened will keep you captivated and on edge right from the very first page.


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Dele Andersen
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