Onslaught 2 – Prequel (Ebook)

Unknown to the entire Vitrian leaders, Celina’s visions and dreams, which no one believed was true have started unfolding, and nothing was going to stop the evil that they fear, from taking place. Their push to get Celina out of the Vitrian fortress was basically playing into the hands of the evil determined to eradicate the prophecy of the Chosen child.

With the incident that took place at about three in the morning at Celina’s holiday home in the mountains, it became obvious to Celina that she had been played. She found out that the most trusted person who seemed to have supported her and pushed that her visions were true, is actually the traitor behind all the problems the Vitrians are facing.

Onslaught 2 is the second prequel to Vitrian Secrets – The Healing Méndez (Book 1). It explains the mayhem Celina, Sofia and Luciana had to face. Who can protect the children and the entire Vitrian community from the evil that lives among them? Who is the traitor? Who is the Chosen child the traitor is determined to destroy? Can Celina or any of the young women save their children or survive the onslaught?

Onslaught 2 is the next novella in the crime, mystery and young adult series. It will keep you engaged as you turn each page until the end. Enjoy reading.


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Dele Andersen
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