The Healing Méndez (Book 1 – Paperback)

(Paperback) Vitrian Secrets -The Healing Méndez unveils the secrets around Wanda Troms’ life. Secrets her mother had kept from her, secrets around her father’s death that had been hidden from her for years and secrets about how a group of people called Vitrians have watched her for years.

Now, the secrets are emerging as Wanda shows traits of a gift that her mother had hoped and prayed her daughter never had. Her gifts open her up to the evil that was determined fifteen years ago to destroy her but her father, Marcus, a skilled fighter, protected her. Who would protect her now that her father is dead? She has no knowledge of the Vitrians or how to defend herself or how to fight demons, but she needs to fight in order to retrieve The Healing Méndez and save her little brother who is hanging onto his life by a thread.

This is a must-read! It is captivating and contains young adult enemies turn lovers.


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Dele Andersen
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