Vitrian Secrets Launch Package - Books 1, 2 & 3

Vitrian Secrets Launch Package

(The Healing Méndez, The Chosen Unveiled & The Curse Awakened)

Vitrian Secrets Launch Package: Pre-order personalized autographed copies of Vitrian Secrets Books 1 – 3 now. This book set contains paperback of The Healing Méndez, The Chosen Unveiled & The Curse Awakened. Get Free Shipping with your order (offer valid till book launch date on 9th April 2022).

The Healing Mendez
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Vitrian Secrets: The Healing Méndez

Vitrian Secrets unveils the secrets around Wanda Troms’ life. Secrets her mother had kept from her. Secrets around her father’s death that was hidden from her for years. Secrets about a group of people called Vitrian have watched her for years.

Now, the secrets are emerging as Wanda shows traits of a gift that her mother had prayed, her daughter never had. Her gifts open her up to the evil that was determined fifteen years ago to destroy her but her father, Marcus, a skilled fighter, protected her. Who would protect her now that her father is dead?

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Dele Andersen is the pen name for Mo and Tomi Togun. Dele Andersen stories are mystery and suspense mixed with young adult fantasy. The stories and writing style of Dele Andersen combines the supernatural, the fallen with love, paranormal, faith, belief, and courage. The stories are clean and extremely captivating; they make readers turn each page without the knowledge of time passing or the desire to end the story. Dele Andersen stories create gripping suspense that make readers perplexed as they read on and as they try to untangle the plot until the last page… read more

Dele Andersen - Onslaught 1
The Healing Méndez
The Chosen Unveiled
The Curse Awakened - Vitrian Secrets

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Vitrian Secrets


The Healing Méndez
The Healing Méndez
The Chosen Unveiled
The Chosen Unveiled
The Curse Awakened - Vitrian Secrets
The Curse Awakened


Onslaught 2
Onslaught 2
The Healing Méndez
The Healing Méndez
Vitrian Secrets Book 1-3 Paperback offer

Vitrian Secrets Paperback Deal

(The Healing Méndez)

(The Chosen Unveiled)

(The Curse Awakened)

Follow the thrilling story of Vitrian Secrets – get Book 1, 2 & 3 at a discounted price.  This paperback package consists of The Healing Méndez, The Chosen Unveiled and The Curse Awakened. This is a limited time offer. 

Onslaught 1

Vitrian Secrets: Onslaught 1

(Prequel to The Healing Méndez)

Onslaught 1, explains the saga around the children and Wanda Troms’ life when the thriller and mystery started almost fifteen years ago. It is a prequel to The Healing Méndez and it recaps the mayhem around the paranormal and love stricken life that Wanda Troms and a lot of the Vitrian children had to face. They have been identified as children who have the gift of The Chosen and now their parents must do all in their power to protect them. But can anyone protect them from the evil that is about to be unleashed on them.

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